Google Dismisses Any Recent Major Algorithm Update

Over the past few days or so, the various Google search results tracking tools have been pretty wild. Tools like Mozcast have been showing stormy weather, so has SERP Metrics, Advanced Web Rankings, Accuranker and RankRanger all show lots of volatility. The only exception I see is Algoroo, which seems pretty calm.
However, the forums and the webmasters I track to detect algorithm changes show the Google “weather” to be pretty calm. I am not seeing masses of webmasters complaining about ranking declines or jumping for joy on ranking increases. So to me, there is no major algorithm change going on.
One webmaster asked both John Mueller and Gary Illyes about it and John said nope, he is not aware of any algorithm change happening now. If it was Penguin or other big ones, John would know. John said on Twitter “I’m not aware of anything crazy, but there are always changes (on our side & on the web).”

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